About Us

Fidareliyan Arvand is a privately held corporation founded in 2015 in Iran to represent the best compromise between price and quality. High ratio of the quality to the price is the products key feature. The company consists of different departments of marketing, production and sale. Marketing dept. specifies the customers’ primary requirements via a close and mutual co-operation with the prosthetists.  Production team is mainly composed of prosthetist, engineering team including mechanical engineer, metallurgist, polymer engineer and technicians of different production processes such as CNC machining, investment casting, plastic injection, anodizing and etc. The prosthetist determines the required specifications for the products based on research into the troubles in available products and marketing team outputs. Engineers design, select material, develop fabrications and inspections procedures, and troubleshoot such that final product meet the needs reflected by prosthetist. In other words, all the efforts lead to a reliable design accompanied by procedures for inspections. Developed procedures are utilized from primary manufacturing stage, i.e. design, to the end of fabrication. Well experienced technicians employ precision machineries and instruments in conjunction with their skills to meet the engineering team requirements. Sale dept. is in touch with the customers continuously and tries to get technical feedback from all of them.

Address: No. 1216, Elites Technology Incubator Complex, Pardis Technology Park, 20th km of Damavand Road, Tehran, Iran 

Phone: +98 21 76251546

Fax: +98 21 76251546

Email: n.karimian@fidareliyan.com

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